Types of Conversion



This option is where the loft is not big enough for a roof light or velux loft conversion. It creates additional headroom for the staircase and new room or rooms.

If an additional bathroom is wanted along with the rooms, the increased height created by the Dormer provides extra height above the fittings.


Hip to Gable

When a roof slopes in from the side of the property it is first necessary to extend the roofline out level with the side of the house, thus forming a "gable end" from the original "hip".

A dormer type conversion is then constructed to the rear of the roof.


Roof light/Velux

This option is for people looking for a smaller loft conversion, normally for a single bedroom or study, where adequate height is available within the existing loft space.

Velux windows are simply added to the front and rear of the roof to give added natural light.