The duration depends on the work undertaken, but a loft usually takes around 6-8 weeks.
This can only be assessed following a site visit and then we will provide a competitive estimate. If the quote is above budget, just ask and we can see where we can adjust the works and cost to make it more affordable for you.
All materials are lifted externally up into the roof space during the conversion. The only time we need to enter the house is when the stairs are being fitted, but we make sure all floors are sheeted up.
We do everything from design to the plaster finish, and a new bathroom or en suite if required.
Yes, we are able to build during winter months and all year round!
Sometimes you will need to upgrade your boiler. This depends on the adequacy of your current boiler. If you have an old boiler it may struggle with its new demands, but if your present boiler can take the additional output of heat and hot water then you will not need to install a new boiler. We will let you know when pricing for your works whether a new boiler is required.
At Absolute Building Services we give a 10 year guarantee on our lofts and extensions.